MOF Publishing grew out of a personal need to publish books at a reasonable and affordable cost with good results. Combining the experience of serious academic scholarship with writing accessible to the public, MOF Publishing began providing services to indie authors that needed a little help getting their writing project out the door.

Working as a small home-based business means that clients receive feedback and answers from the person who will do the work and see the project through to conclusion. Customizable options are easily incorporated as each project is personally executed by MOF’s owner and creator. Correspondence and support is all on an as needs basis, ranging from frequent text or email messaging to more hands off communication, according to the client’s needs and preferences. With timing often being a factor in getting a book published, MOF Publishing goes the extra mile to get the job done well and on schedule!

My Own Fingers Publishing

“You’ve done a wonderful job.  Thank you. Looking forward to working with you again.”

-David Roper, frequent contributor to Our Daily Bread and author of Growing Slowly Wise

“I have very much enjoyed working with you. Your services enable writers to get the benefits of both traditional and self-publishing. You’re a gifted encourager, and have all the detailed skills to make the process go well and quickly. May the Lord bless you in all the work of your hands.”

– Dan Sinclair, author of Mission: Possible and A Vision of the Possible

“You have been a hug blessing to me.  Any success that this book brings about for our Lord is largely due to your input and partnership.”

-C J Reynes, author of Green in the Desert